Monday, December 16, 2013

Counting Down the Last Days of 2013!

18th century black silk covered hat and matching muff
Currently available in the Shop: a matching black silk taffeta hat
and muff with "petal" pink silk satin ribbons.

We've kept ourselves so very busy over the last month!  We've got a whole host of blog posts coming, including several that detail a special project for the Noah Webster House and a review of the MMA's "Interwoven Globe" exhibit.  We also have a bunch of events - holiday and otherwise - to look forward to in the next three or four weeks that will provide some excellent material for blogging!

Because we've devoted so much time to sewing for the Shop over the past few months, our own projects have been sorely neglected and we've been missing them terribly!  As a result, we've decided to take a brief intermission from "business" sewing for the next few weeks, both to enjoy some quality holiday time with the family and to allow ourselves a bit of self-indulgent time to work on a couple of our personal sewing projects.  Oh yes, and to catch up on the blog!  ;-)  We're hoping to have two or three special 18th-century projects done in time for Christmas, so stay tuned for some new Threaded Bliss additions very soon!

As you await all those goodies, here's a glimpse of some of the newest creations that have recently been added to the Shop.  You still have four more days to make Christmas purchases, so if you haven't looked around our Etsy premises in the last couple of weeks, take a stroll through there now to see what's new!  Purchase by 11:59am EST on Friday, December 20th to ensure Christmas delivery!

18th century black silk covered hat trim detail
Detail of the trim on the black silk-covered hat.

Still looking for a gift to give to the historical costumer who already has everything?  Why not consider one of our favorite newest addition to the Shop: pillows that feature reproductions of 1780s-1790s fashion plates from the "Journal de la Mode"!  The colors in the prints are so pretty and have so much variety that they're sure to coordinate with any room decor.

18th century "Journal de la Mode" fashion plate pillows
"Journal de la Mode" fashion plate pillows!

A mock-quilted Marseilles petticoat or a long wool broadcloth cloak are winter necessities...

18th century "mock quilted" marseilles petticoat
A mock-quilted petticoat in white Marseilles fabric, perfectly suited for use
either as an underpetticoat for winter warmth or as a fashionable
outer petticoat to compliment any gown or jacket.

18th century royal blue cloak
A long royal blue wool broadcloth cloak.

18th century royal blue cloak ties
The hood is fully lined with white silk taffeta and the cloak ties with matching blue wool tapes.

18th century royal blue cloak hood detail
The signature generously full 18th-century "fan" hood from the back. is a fashionable silk taffeta muff!  The blue/green changeable one looks lovely with the cloak, if I do say so myself!  ;-)

18th century blue/green changeable silk taffeta muff
A muff of blue/olive green changeable silk taffeta.

18th century coral pink silk taffeta muff
A coral pink silk taffeta muff trimmed with white silk satin ribbon.
And after our housewife/"hussif" sewing kits were featured on American Duchess' Historical Gift Guide (thanks, Lauren!), we've only got two currently left in stock!  Here's the newest design, perfectly sized for the ideal stocking stuffer!

18th century "hussif" sewing kit