Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Prince Edward Island Chronicles

Prince Edward Island

As many of you have undoubtedly surmised from our Facebook updates, we've just concluded a 12-day tour of Prince Edward Island.  This trip was the culmination of 18 years of collective dreaming and reminiscing on behalf of the two of us and our parents.  In 1994, our family made the two-day drive up to Canada and took the ferry across the Northumberland Strait to PEI, in search of one of our literary heroes, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and the magical world she describes in her books.  As anyone who has visited PEI can attest, the island's "spirit of place" swiftly casts its spell; we fell in love and ended up visiting the two following summers as well.

After that, life got in the way, as it does, and eighteen years have passed, but in that intervening time, each of us held the special memories of those three summers in a sort of sacred place, and we always talked about going back "one day."  Last summer, we finally decided that "one day" had come at last, and with gleeful anticipation, we began planning and dreaming all over again, so grateful to be given the chance once again to return and experience our memories once more as a family.

Prince Edward Island

Much has changed on PEI in the last 18 years, and much has stayed the same, but it's still one of the most beautiful places we've ever visited.  Over the next couple of weeks, we'll share a tour of our favorite bits of the Island - LOTS of pictures, lots of history, lots of literature, lots of breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, and even a bit of fashion here and there!  So make a cup of tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy some vicarious armchair traveling as we transport you to Prince Edward Island...

Prince Edward Island


Lily said...

I can't wait to see and hear all about it! :-)

Margaret said...

Judging from those pictures alone it looks like a wonderful place :3

Rosemary Osterhus said...

Did you meet Arnold Smith in Cavendish? He makes the PEI Historic and Reproduction Clothing. You can see his blogspot here:


The Quintessential Clothes Pen said...

Mmm. PEI Is beautiful, indeed. I enjoyed my trip there years ago. Looking forward to your pictures.


Issy said...

So jealous!! :) I would love to go to PEI. It is on my list of dream holidays.
Looking forward to seeing your photos and imagining I am there. :)

vintagevisions27 said...

Beautiful! That's on my list of places to visit some day.

Sarah Rachelle said...

Oh, it's been a dream of mine to visit there too! Can't wait to see everything.

Rachel said...

Can't wait. My great great grandpa was born in PEI. I would love to visit one day.