Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Historic Threads: New CW Online Costume Exhibit

This afternoon, Colonial Williamsburg launched a new online costume exhibit, "Historic Threads: Three Centuries of Clothing."  Though only in its earliest of stages, the digital exhibit currently features a number of formal garments and accessories worn by women and men from the 17th through the early 19th centuries.  Additional every-day functional clothing items will be posted to the exhibit soon.  The online exhibit pages are formatted with splendid zooming capabilities to enable some truly stunning close-up views of all of the items featured.  Also included are details on each item and a historical timeline that outlines the development of these fashionable and functional items across time.

"New Threads: Reproduction Clothing" will form the second half of this new online initiative, and will feature reproduction items produced by CW and used within the historic area.  Keep checking back in with the exhibit page to see what promises to be another fantastic addition to period costuming resources!

This new online exhibit is the digital companion to "Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe: 1600 to 1840," the newest exhibit at CW's DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum, set to open on 29 January.  It also features some clothing items displayed in the 2002 exhibit "The Language of Clothing."  Enjoy!


lahbluebonnet said...

I checked out everything last night! How about that purse/workbag with a door and other fun compartments?

Isis said...

Thank you for the tip! Very interesting!

Unknown said...

Great find! I posted this article at my blog because this sort of thing deserves a bit more attention. Gave you the credit of course. ;)


Anna said...

You just made it so much harder to choose my favorite site and gown, that I would like to make ): Not nice of you!
hihi ^^