Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"1776: South Britain Comes Alive!" local event

1776: South Britain Comes Alive 2011

This weekend, we of the 5th CT Regiment helped to promote local Revolutionary War history with the third annual "1776: South Britain Comes Alive" event, a fundraiser for the Southbury Historical Society.  The event took local residents and visitors on a horse-drawn wagon tour of the town's historic district.  Along the route, groups stopped to sample tidbits of town history, which included a drilling demonstration by members of our regiment, the re-enactment of an 18th-century style service in the 1825 church, costumed tours of several privately-owned and recently restored 18th century homes, a visit to our kitchen fly and camp, a demonstration of spinning techniques by a local artisan, 18th century ghost stories, and an open house in the museum of the Historical Society. 

1776: South Britain Comes Alive 2011
Chatting under the kitchen fly during dinner, before the festivities began
(with prodigious admiration for the new wig, Mr. S!).

1776: South Britain Comes Alive 2011

The evening weather was balmy and perfect for the walking crowds, and we enjoyed spending time chatting with the guests and responding to their eager and often thoughtful questions about 18th century life, both from the "history book" perspective and from the perspective of one who regularly re-enacts it.  It was a unique and fantastic opportunity for us all to share our passion for this period, and to teach those close to home about the very rich and valuable Revolutionary War history of our little corner of the former colony of Connecticut.

1776: South Britain Comes Alive 2011
One of the house tours included a tavern scene that enacted the capture
of a British soldier, who spoke to the visitors about his views on the trouble
with the "traitor" colonists.  Unfortunately, none of our pictures of the Brit on his
(brilliant!) tirade came out, but here's Mr.S.. (the other one!) minding the bar during the scene.

After the event concluded, we reconvened as a group to enjoy each other's company for a bit longer, sampling all of the tasty 18th century goodies that remained from the evening and enjoying a round of songs and good cheer before bed.  Many thanks to those who hosted the events of the evening, for your very generous hospitality!

1776: South Britain Comes Alive 2011
Letting our hair down, period style, for some...

1776: South Britain Comes Alive 2011
...after-hours socializing in the Golden Dog, sampling all of the
leftover 18th-century treats.

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