Friday, February 17, 2012

New Book Release!

Book Two in Jenny Tiramani and Susan North's extraordinary Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns series is being released this spring!  Similarly formatted like its predecessor, this second volume will feature 17 different articles of clothing, from a gown and a jacket to stays to shoes and a host of various accessories.  Detailed color photos, x-ray images, line drawings, and scaled patterns for each garment will again be accompanied by meticulous descriptions of their construction processes, enabling the garments and accessories to be studied, understood, and even reproduced as accurately as possible.  Amazon has several tantalizing page previews up already that are definitely worth a look!

For those of you who gloried in the first installment of this book, be sure to put this next volume on your wish list now!  The V&A spring publications catalogue lists the release for June, while Amazon cites an earlier May 1st date.  Either way, keep an eye out for this newest, much-anticipated contribution to fashion history!

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Isis said...

I love the first book so much, but was a little disappointed that all the items where so early 17th century. When I found out about this one I was very happy indeed. It's been pre-ordered for ages...