Saturday, October 27, 2012

Distaff Day

Today, the ladies of our regiment organized a Distaff Day to indulge ourselves in our most favorite feminine pursuits that often get neglected during campaign season: fabric and fashion!  Our technical theme was a muff-making workshop, but in the end, we spent most of our time working on in-progress projects instead, in between talking...and more talking...and drooling over costume books together...and playing with fabric...and talking...oh, and eating...:-)

Mistress J and Mistress R spent much of the day hard at work finishing their new silk mitts.  They will be gorgeous when finished, their stunning color combinations accented by some pretty impeccable decorative stitching.  I so want to make some mitts now!

Working on mitts and researching jacket styles.

Mistress W spent the day diligently stitching her new raspberry linen gown to near-completion.  I can't wait to see it finished; the color is to die for.  Mister I even joined us for part of the day to get some help beginning his new regimentals.

And I got Mistress B started on a new pumpkin-colored linen jacket, which will be her first jacket project sewn all by herself!  We spent the morning trying out various jacket styles on her and tweaking the pattern to her size, and then she managed to get everything cut before the conclusion of the day.

Gown and jacket in various states of coming-into-being.

To celebrate the completion of my new blue/green worsted stays (they only took me 18 months...stay tuned for a full Threaded Bliss post on them!), I wore them for the day to begin to break them in a bit.  In general, I'm pleased with how they turned out, though they might require a bit of tweaking still.  We'll see how they feel the next time I wear them.  I wore my new bedgown over them, and absolutely LOVE it...but of course, the down side to being the one taking the pictures is that I didn't get a single one of me to show off the bedgown!  So more on that the next time it gets worn.  :-)

Here's to a splendid day of lovely, heart-warming conversation and fun!  Many thanks, ladies, for the great pleasure of your company today, and especially to Mistress R for being our hostess!

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