Monday, September 2, 2013

Shop Online at "A Fashionable Frolick" on Etsy!

Are you wondering what you've been missing if you haven't yet joined us on Facebook?

Well...this weekend, you've missed the special announcement of the opening of the Fashionable Frolick Shop on Etsy!

blue/brown changeable silk taffeta muff

After months of preparation, hard work, and diligent sewing, we are pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest venture: an Etsy shop featuring 18th-century accessories and clothing!  We know that there are a number of other places you can find period clothing, but there's always room for one more source, and we'd love to share some of our own designs and creations with you.  Check out the "Shop @ FF" tab in the top menu to see more of our offerings, or visit us on Etsy to see the live listings.


We will work hard in our Shop to provide you with the highest quality historical clothing available anywhere today. Each item we produce will be meticulously researched to ensure 100% accuracy in design, materials, and construction techniques. As a business that caters to reenactors, discerning historical costume enthusiasts, historic sites, and museums, we pledge that every stitch will be hand sewn in the period manner with absolutely no modern shortcuts to give you a piece of historical fashion you can be proud to wear or display.

red wool broadcloth short cloak

Over the next several weeks, we'll be adding new items to the Shop, including additional hats and muffs and a number of other essential 18th-century accessories and articles of clothing.  We also have a couple of non-wearable but still historical-fashion-inspired surprises up our sleeves!  Two hours before a new item premieres in the Shop, it will be exclusively featured on our Facebook page to give our friends there a special sneak preview and heads-up.  So if you haven't yet joined us for some Frolicks on Facebook, now is the time so you don't miss any more of the excitement!

winter white silk muff

If there's something specific you'd be interested in seeing in the Shop, do let us know!  We're happy to accept custom orders for variations on any of the items currently featured, and we're always willing to entertain new product ideas as well!  Happy shopping!



bauhausfrau said...

Wonderful! I love those hats.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Loren! It's always been hats over shoes with me. A girl can never have too many hats! :-)