Monday, March 17, 2014

"Millinery Through Time" Conference: Day One

Sunday found us at Colonial Williamsburg for the opening of the "Millinery Through Time" conference celebrating sixty years of the Margaret Hunter Shop.  The evening began with the Mistress of the shop, Janea Whitacre, sharing a "scrap book" history of the restored 18th-century shop building, along with an overview of the evolution of the trades of millinery and mantua-making as they are now practiced at CW.  A presentation of media clippings from film, television, print, and digital sources followed, providing a fun glimpse into not only the impact that the Shop has made within the culture of Colonial Williamsburg, but also the deep impression its staff and the trades they interpret have had on the wider history and education communities.  Next came a very special peek at a digitally recreated MHS as it might have appeared in the 1770s, and a quick summary of some of the antique costumes and textiles acquired by Colonial Williamsburg during the first years immediately following the shop's opening.

Then it was time for the party officially to begin!  Two amazing millinery confections made of elaborately crafted pastel sugars, frosting, and cake were on display.  They both looked good enough not only to eat, but even to wear!  The details on each of them, from feathers to gathered gauze to flowers, were unbelievable in their meticulous attention to every minute little detail.

CW Millinery Through Time conference

CW Millinery Through Time conference

CW Millinery Through Time conference

CW Millinery Through Time conference

We had a marvelous time catching up with old friends and making the acquaintance of new ones.  Many of the participants came in their favorite period or vintage clothing and it was such fun strolling about admiring all of the beautiful finery.  Recognizing fellow bloggers by their costumes became one of the pleasures of the evening, and we had such fun finally being able to put faces to some of the digital names we've grown accustomed to seeing!  :-)

CW Millinery Through Time conference
Emma and Ashley "going green" in silk!

CW Millinery Through Time conference
Leia, Ashley, and Aubry enjoying the evening's festivities.

We were so busy mingling and chatting (and eating cupcakes!) that we didn't even get a chance to take a picture of the two of us together all dressed up!  We went as "silk sack sisters," both in our striped silk sack jackets.  Hopefully some time later this week (praying the weather improves!), we'll try to get some quality pictures of our newest creations to share.  In the meantime, look forward to further conference updates over the next few days!

CW Millinery Through Time conference
One of several creations on display during the evening,
a timeless testament to the incomparable skill and
talent of the ladies that are the MHS.


Lily said...

Oooh! It sounds like such fun!! :-)

Thanks for taking the time to update the rest of us! We're all enjoying it vicariously. :-)

I hope the weather warms up quickly! :-)

Melissa Houston said...

Say hello to my wonderful coworker Adrienne Saint-Pierre! She was more than thrilled to attend the conference this year.

J. Leia Lima said...

It was absolutely lovely meeting both of you. Hope to see you again soon!

Aubry said...

It was so wonderful to finally meet you both in person! I thoroughly enjoyed chatting over coffee. :)

Rebecca said...

Leia and Aubry, it was so nice to finally meet both of you, too! Here's hoping we can find another excuse to see each other again soon! :-)

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