Friday, April 25, 2014

A chance to add something new to your reenacting wardrobe!

For those of you in need of a new wardrobe for the campaign season, we currently have listed on Ebay three of our earliest 18th century creations.

The first is Ashley's first "Costume Close-up jacket," the first completely hand-sewn jacket I ever made, and the first project I created using a scaled-up pattern from an original garment.  For more on the jacket's fabric and construction details, check out its previous Threaded Bliss posts here and here.  Clicking on the image below will bring you to the current Ebay listing, which includes condition and measurement details.

Colonial Williamsburg

The second item on offer is Ashley's sea green fitted-back gown.  Like the jacket, this garment, too, represents multiple firsts for us.  This was the first gown I'd sewn completely by hand, and this was the first petticoat Ashley ever completed by hand.  This is also the first gown I draped from start to finish.  I'd purchased the fabric on sale, and Ashley fell in love with the color and wanted it, so I decided it was time for an experiment.  I started pinning and folding and cutting and pleating and trimming, and taught myself to drape in the process, and she ended up with this gown, which remained her favorite for years.  The original post on it can be found here, and the picture below will link you to the Ebay listing.  Measurements and condition details can be found there.

The third item is another gown, the first I ever made completely by hand for myself.  It's made of a beautiful medium-weight dark indigo wool that has a lovely heavy drape to it that helps give the gown an ideal period shape.  I wore this gown only once (to what was probably the hottest reenactment we've ever been to) and realized only long after the fact that I never even got a picture of myself wearing it, which is why it never got its own Threaded Bliss treatment.  Ah well, that makes it perfect to pass on to someone else, who will be able at long last to give it an identity.  :-)  The listing is linked through the picture below.

If you'd like any additional details or pictures of any of these items, please let us know and we'll be happy to share them.  We very much hope these will go to good homes and be used and loved for many years to come!