Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating in Revolutionary Style

Kensington Rev War day
Camp in the morning, waiting for the townsfolk to arrive.

This weekend, our regiment was asked by the townsfolk of one of central CT's historic towns to come and help them celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of their Congregational Church.  On Friday night, we were treated to a lovely dinner with the parishioners while we entertained them with some pretty rousing renditions of some of our groups' favorite 18th century traditional, tavern, and sea songs.  We also joined them for a dance before saying farewell until the next morning.

Kensington Rev War day

Saturday's big event gave the citizens of this fair town a taste of military and civilian life during the Revolutionary period.  We set up our kitchen fly and a mini encampment, along with a number of "stations" that focused on particular aspects of the period.  Our group is pretty unique in the very wide variety of period interests, talents, and skills each individual contributes; every person has joined the group for a different reason, and it is at times like this weekend's show that this delightful diversity of knowledge and interests comes forward to be shared. 

For example, this weekend's program featured a drilling demonstration; a discussion with a period military surgeon, complete with all the tools of his trade, coffin included; a full foodways demonstration by our lovely Mistress J, who not only prepared lunch, but also two stunning pies in the Dutch oven, much to the delight and awe of the townsfolk;

Kensington Rev War day
J watching over her pie.

an interactive games station with everything from draughts to ninepins to the game of graces, which entertained young and old alike;

Kensington Rev War day
R and Ashley demonstrating the game of graces.

Kensington Rev War day

a children's drill with wooden muskets;

Kensington Rev War day
The young folks are recruited and drilled.

a clothing display and fashion show hosted by us and Mistress R (sorry, I didn't think to ask anyone to take pictures during the fashion show!);

Kensington Rev War day
The clothing table.

a canon-firing demonstration (with the help of another local Rev War group), and a full-fledged Continental vs. Brits skirmish to conclude the day, with the 54th Regiment of Foot (our go-to "Rent-a-Brits"!).

Kensington Rev War day

We all had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by to visit the camp.  The kids were especially (and impressively!) enthusiastic about learning, asking questions, eagerly trying out activities, and listening intently as they moved around the site.  Many thanks to our host community and congratulations on your 300th anniversary!

As always, additional photos can be found in this event's flickr set.

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Rowenna said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I love how sometimes small events let you do even more and connect more with the public!