Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Threaded Bliss

A 1770s Muff in "Aurora" Silk Taffeta

aurora silk taffeta muff

Our regiment's annual George Washington Ball is this coming weekend.  This year, unfortunately, neither Ashley nor I are able to attend, but we'll most certainly be there in spirit!  A traditional part of the ball is an auction of Rev War- and reenacting-related items donated by members to help raise funds for the upcoming season of events.  The majority of the items up for auction each year tend to appeal more to the gentlemen and men-at-arms than to the ladies, so I decided to create something this year that might catch the eye of the fairer sex!

The pattern: The pattern, like that of all the muffs previously featured here, is from a Colonial Williamsburg muff workshop from March 2011.

aurora silk taffeta muff

Construction details: The construction details of both muff pillow and cover have been provided in earlier muff posts (here, here, and here), so I won't be tedious and repeat them again!  I'll simply say that the muff cover is decorated with self-fabric trim, created by ruching strips of taffeta and criss-crossing them into a diamond pattern.  The changeable taffeta was so pretty by itself that it really didn't require anything additional to make it stand out; all it needed was a little dimension to highlight the changeable colors, which the ruching provided quite nicely.  Two self-fabric bows give a final accent to the criss-crossed strips.  The muff cover ties with ivory silk taffeta ribbons.

aurora silk taffeta muff

The fabric: An absolutely stunning silk taffeta in "aurora," which is a carnation-pink shot with golden yellow, from Burnley and Trowbridge.  According to the Burnleys' research, "The color aurora appears in 18th c advertisements and Lady’s magazines. It was said to be named after the “Aurora Borealis” and described as a vibrant orange/pink tone," as they indicate on the website.  The overall effect of the fabric is truly difficulr to describe, being a bit like coral, but not quite.  I took photos in multiple rooms and light settings, trying to capture the exact shade, but it's proven elusive and these shots are as close as I can get.  It really is one of the prettiest changeable taffetas I've ever seen.

Finishing the look: Since this project is to be enjoyed by someone other than us, I'll have to leave this section blank...until whoever wins the muff uses it and shares a picture!  :-)  Stay tuned!


Annabelle said...

Beautiful! You really should go into business with the accessories...I have no doubt there are MANY of us ladies pining away for frothy frippery like this!

An Historical Lady said...

Whoever the winner is will be so lucky!

lahbluebonnet said...

I'm sure someone is enjoying this lovely creation immensely!