Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Your Chance to Discover CT History with CT Open House Day 2013 on June 8th!

On Saturday, June 8th, the state of Connecticut will celebrate its ninth annual CT Open House Day.  This once-a-year event, sponsored by the CT Office of Tourism, encourages CT residents and visitors to discover the many historical and cultural treasures of the state with free or discounted admission offers, giveaways, and special exhibits and events.  This year, the list of participating museums, sites, and organizations is bigger and better than ever!  Some of the many featured special opportunities include:

- free admission to the Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. House Museum, which hosted us for a fashion program last summer, and which we visited for the first time back in 2010;

- special children's activities at the Noah Webster House and West Hartford Historical Society, home of one of Ashley's favorite 18th-century CT residents;

- half price admission to the Webb-Deane-Stevens Musuem, which we first experienced a couple of years ago, and which sponsors our Rev War regiment's annual Memorial Day program;

- free admission to the Connecticut Historical Society, whose extensive collections and impressive exhibits seek to narrate CT life throughout the centuries (we've given glimpses of just a small sample of what they have to offer here and here);

- and dozens and dozens more!

If you're in CT or within easy driving distance, please do consider visiting some of participating sites at CT Open House Day 2013 and experience some of the special things our lovely little state has to offer!  There's so much to see and I still can't decide where I want to go first...:-)


vintagevisions27 said...

Bummer, June 8th is the date of my friend's wedding. There's a couple places in CT I've wanted to visit.

I'll also be missing the F&I event at Fort No. 4. Here's hoping I can make it to the Rev War event later in the summer. Will either of you be there? It would be great to get together and catch up!

lahbluebonnet said...

Wish we could go and visit with you as we learn! That day Miss C has her Virginia/National Math Teacher Entrance exam. Master B goes to camp the next day. I'm sure you'll blog all about it! And we'll see each other before long!

AuntieNan said...

And don't forget my fave (which I hope is still running?!!) the Essex narrow-gauge railway!
Nancy N