Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Blogiversary Poll: Tell Us What You Want to See!

**PLEASE NOTE: If you took this poll prior to 6:55pm on 6/26, please take it again!  It appears we had a couple of glitches with receiving the results, and we want to make sure your vote is included!**

As part of our blogiversary celebration, we're interested in finding out a little more about what you, our friends and readers, most enjoy about our blog.  We'd also like to hear about who you are and what you'd like to see more of here, and any ideas you have about how we can make our blog more enjoyable and relevant.  We appreciate your time in taking the poll below and thank you for your insights!

Which type of posts do you most look forward to reading on our blog?

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If you have a blog or website and would like to share it with like-minded folks, please feel free to leave a comment with the address in the comment section below.  We love discovering new blogs and are sure many of our readers do, too!

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Thank you for participating!  :-)  If you would like to leave any additional suggestions or comments to help us improve your blog-reading experience here, please do so!


icicle said...

Just one thing: pity your poor eyestrained readers!
Please please please change the white type on black background. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stop reading new posts because my eyes couldn't take the super high contrast. I'd love to be able to read more content. Thanks for asking!

Therese said...

Ruusu said...

I have just started blogging. There's art, fashion, history... Welcome to take a peek!

PS. It would be splendid if you could change the layout to more eye-friendly - and have bigger photos! :) Thanks for asking.