Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Antique Parasol Acquisition: Part Two

In the previous post, I shared pictures of the first of two antique parasols I recently purchased on ebay with plans to recover them at some point.  This is the second parasol, quite different from the other.  Based on extant examples I've sorted through in several museum collections, I think this one dates to about 1880-1905.  The dealer listed it as circa 1900, so that's pretty consistent with what I've found in my own research.

The unique feature of this parasol is the handle, which is twisted wood (I think).  It is painted black and the paint has chipped in a couple of places, but nothing too significant and I'll probably choose to leave this original finish in place when I recover it.

black lace antique parasol 1

black lace antique parasol 2

The top half of the canopy is black silk; the bottom half is a black net that is overlaid with very wide black lace that hangs over the sides by about 7 inches.  Both the silk and the lace have rotted considerably.  When I purchased it based on the ebay listing pictures, I hoped I might be able to save the lace, but alas, it arrived in much worse condition than it appeared.  Disappointing, to be sure, but it isn't a huge deal.

black lace antique parasol 3

black lace antique parasol 4

black lace antique parasol 5

black lace antique parasol 7

black lace antique parasol 9

The long tip is surrounded by a tiny little lace ruffle gathered around it.

black lace antique parasol 6

The interior details of this piece are similar to those of the first parasol.  A small circular disc of fabric (it's hard to tell what it is because it's disintegrating as well) covers the joints of the mechanism.

black lace antique parasol 10

black lace antique parasol 8

We still haven't decided yet what kind of or what color fabric we'd like to use to recover these two pieces.  Any ideas?!  :-)


lahbluebonnet said...

Oh how sad about the lace! I love this with the lace, minus the rips.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I also collect these hoping to recover them myself someday but its very hard on my hand. Most of mine are black and who needs all those black ones, especially for Summer when we need them for the sun? So I'm doing mine in cream, green, and want a nice chocolate brown one. I was also told green gave a very healthy color to your skin.

AuntieNan said...

I always loved the natural linen colored ones, but don't know how that would look with the black handle? maybe brown and cream stripe?

vintagevisions27 said...

Interesting handle on that one.

Rebecca said...

I was actually thinking bottle green for the first (straight-handled) parasol, Val, because I'd like to let that parasol cross over for 18th-century use, and green seems to have been one of the most popular colors for parasols then. Nice to know the color will have the added bonus of complementing my skin, too! :-)

I like the idea of a neutral ivory/cream for this second one, and I like the idea of attempting a stripe, too. Thanks for that! I think I'll test things out with the other parasol first with a solid cover and then see if a stripe seems feasible.

Ruusu said...

Such a nice handle! I have been wanting to do this for years yet I never came by / won a suitable one. I guess I have to head back to Ebay some day. ;)

Looking forward to see what you create from this!