Sunday, October 20, 2013

Apologies for the long silence!

We apologize for the lengthy silence that has descended on the blog!  We've both been so busy with work and with putting together new items for the Etsy Shop that we haven't had a spare moment to devote to posting.  With the Holidays all-too-swiftly approaching, we want to be sure we're well-stocked! The lull in posts, however, shall be broken soon by a series of exciting new posts, we promise!  Ashley attended a day of Battle of the Hook this weekend and will be sharing her pictures shortly, and we've got several special events over the next four weeks that are certain to provide some most satisfactory material for blogging!

In the meantime, we just thought we'd share some of the newest items currently available in the Shop, in the hope that it will provide sufficient eye-candy to entertain you whilst you await our upcoming exploits!  :-)

ACC-H8 and ACC-M6
A matching orange/grey changeable silk taffeta covered hat and muff.
Both are trimmed with white silk satin ribbon and tiny bunches of
paper flowers.  I'm sorely tempted to keep this set for myself, but... ;-)

A full view of the hat pictured above.

An olive green wool broadcloth mantle with a large fully-lined hood.

A lovely understated hat trimmed in a stunning rosey pink silk satin.

A dark indigo blue silk taffeta muff trimmed with wide white silk satin ribbon.

The Christmas delight!  Covered in white silk taffeta with cherry
red silk satin ribbons and a covered wood button.

An olive green wool broadcloth short cloak with a narrow double collar.

Lots and lots of poofs of silk satin surround the crown of this hat.

The back of a hat trimmed with pink silk taffeta ribbon.

A wintery confection of white silk taffeta, white silk satin, and white silk gauze.


Taylor Stoermer said...

Very nice!

vintagevisions27 said...

You ladies are doing a fantastic job with your shop. So many lovely things!! :)