Monday, May 9, 2011

New "American Revolution" website by CW

On Friday, Colonial Williamsburg launched a new website, The American Revolution, designed to provide a comprehensive online resource of information pertaining to the events, people, and significance of the fight for American independence.  Primary sources and artifacts are used to enhance the material and provide a more academic view of historical research and presentation.  I have only begun to delve through this wonderful collection of information and have already found it to be both fun and useful.  The information it presents is relevant for young students as well as more knowledgeable scholars who might be looking for something more specific.  As Jim Horn explains in the recent press release, “It engages guests with the principles that shaped our founding, the hardships endured to win independence, and the continuing struggle of those denied their rights. The Revolution was only a beginning, the start of an experiment in democracy that has continued down to our own times.”

A screen capture of the new website at


lahbluebonnet said...

I was on the panel for this project, giving my opinions for content, appearance, function, etc! It's exciting to see it up and running now!

Ashley said...

How neat to be involved in this project and to see it evolve! It's so encouraging to see CW take a stand in teaching accurate history. I hope schools and teachers will take advantage of
wonderful resources like this.