Sunday, May 1, 2011

Norwich Regency Ball

Last night we attended the Rose City Assembly, a Jane Austen themed ball, in Norwich, Connecticut.  This was the second year of this ball, which hopes to become a growing annual event.  It was a smaller group of about 30 attendees who were all festively attired for the occasion.  Peggy, our instructor from our regular New Haven group,  came to call the dances.  I attempted to pull together a new Regency gown for this ball, but unfortunately could not find the time to finish it.  I hope it will be ready for our next ball in a few weeks!  So, even though it was not with the Jane Austen/Regency theme, I ended up wearing my blue/yellow changeable sacque gown again.  We justified our 1770s attire by saying we were representing the year of Austen's birth!

Guests at the Rose City Assembly enjoy refreshments.

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lahbluebonnet said...

You're in good company, Ashley, trying to find time to finish sewing! Time,, time, where does it go? I'm so proud of you though and can't wait to see it...and more!